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Danger! Please be careful, guys

I'm sure you have all heard about the threat that was called in to the Bellingham Police department the other day. If you protest a lot I'm sure you know who Eli is. If not, he is often down at the federal building. Here is what he wrote:

Recently, threats and acts of violence have become more and
more apparent in our community. I am sure you all heard about
the shooting threat today. For those of you who didn't, some guy
called the BPD and said he was going to shoot two hippies: a
male and a female. consequently, cops buzzed around
downtown all day.

At about 5:20 this evening I was confronted by a man acting quite
strangely. He told me that my sign "No more Blood for Oil" was
offensive and illiegal. I was entirely caught off guard, and asked
him what he meant by that. He said that my sign said "BS" on it,
and that I could be busted by the BPD for holding it. I looked at
my sign again, to make sure no one had changed it while I had
been standing there. Sure enough, it still said "No more Blood
for Oil." Utterly confused at this point, I looked back at him for
more information but a man named Virgil told him that he was
full of crap. The aggressor tried very hard to cover his ass, and I
ignored him. Virgil went biking back to the bus station.

Between that point and when he pulled the knife, I don't
remember, but I heard "I got witnesses" coming from Virgil, and I
looked over. The guy was palming the knife, and Virgil thought
he had a gun. We were both pretty scared now. I heard the guy
ask if Virgil wanted to get off his bike and take this into the alley. I
started to leave to get someone with a cell phone to call the
cops, and the guy followed me and asked me if I had seen him
pull anything. I, being the pussy that I am (remember: "only
pussies protest war!"), said "No, I didn't see you pull anything."
All I knew at that point was that I didnt want to get gutted. I finally
got to someone with a cell phone, but the cops were already
there. I find it increadbly ironic that while cops buzzed around all
day-I even saw some in kevlar and riot gear-there were none
there when we really needed them. The cops talked to me, Virgil
and a couple other witnesses, while another patted the guy
down and led him away.
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