Andrew (stilbornherring) wrote in bham_anti_war,

3/19/03 Walkout Report

Thursday afternoon, a few hundred people gathered in Red Square all ready to walkout, despite finals week and our fliers being torn down earlier that morning. Around 12:30pm, Shirley Osterhaus said a few words, as well as an inspiring Western professor who's name I can't for the life of me remember.

After marching downtown the federal building, folks milled around despite the rain, and then headed towards the Herald building. Disregarding the middle fingers and headshakes of Herald employees, they continued on down the street.

At about 2:30pm, a few hundered people spontaneously marched right up the overpass onto I-5 at Lakeway. Traffic was backed up as far as could be seen. The half-dozen police were ineffective in stopping the action. State patrol was called in, but after roughly 45 minutes everyone chose to march back down to the federal building. There were no arrests.

We made the Bellingham Herald's front page. The site also has a few photos (maybe you'll see yourself).

More pictures available at Bellingham Peace.

And this walkout was just practice for April 4th! Everyone have a great break, and do some brainstorming as to what could top taking I-5!
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